How to Use a Candle Snuffer

how to use a candle snuffer
how to use a candle snuffer

An abundance of gadgets and baubles have entered the home during the last 18 months. However, one common candle tool is the candle snuffer, and it’s this year’s unsung hero. It’s the technology you didn’t realize you required in your life. 

Whether you’re a dusk candle aficionado or a first-time purchaser, this candle accessory royalty is a must-have. The simple candle snuffer is necessary to properly extinguish your candle, as well as to assist your dusk candle in lasting longer. If you want to learn how to use a candle snuffer, continue reading!

What Is a Candle Snuffer?

how to use a candle snuffer

A bell with a hinge that is connected to a handle makes up a candle snuffer. This device works as a candle extinguisher. A candle snuffer is one of the best candle accessories you will ever need.

The candle snuffer is a charming tool that dates back to the pre-industrial era, when a space would have needed a lot of candles to be sufficiently lit. It would have taken a lot of air to blow them all out! Additionally, earlier candles were frequently made of animal tallow, which is messier than contemporary waxes.

Candle snuffers are frequently found in metaphysical stores, in addition to antique shops. The candle snuffer’s sole function in ritual magic is to announce the completion of work. Magicians can use candles to focus energy, symbolizing the four seasons or the four elements, or indicate the presence of summoned deities or spirits. Fantastic visual assistance for removing the power symbolized by the burning candle is provided by the process of snuffing it out.

 The History of the Candle Snuffer

vintage candle snuffer

The snuffer was created by Christopher Pinchbeck the Younger, with a patent being put in place in England in 1776. His device essentially looks like a pair of malnourished scissors with a convex dish on top. The snuffer was to properly extinguish the candle by severing the wick, which was stuck to the bowl, to prevent any debris from blowing on the walls or hot wicks from igniting anything. Old stories detail how candle mastery was characterized by the capacity to cut a wick with the snuffer without dousing the flame.

Malcolm McGregor penned an epic poem in 1777 called “Ode to Mr. Pinchbeck, upon his newly invented Candle Snuffers” in honor of the Pinchbeck snuffer, which was still produced in Birmingham, England, until the 1970s. An automatic clock and a spring-loaded improved candle were also made by the industrious and gifted inventor Christopher Pinchbeck. King George III showed love for him.

Traditionally, all snuffers, doubters, and extinguishers were made of pewter, brass, or copper, and many of them featured elaborate engravings. Modern candle snuffers continue the tradition of creating a practical work of pewter art. 

Why Use a Candle Snuffer?

how to use a candle snuffer

Candle snuffers are still in use today because they prevent wax from flying around when a candle is blown out. Nobody likes having soot on their walls, and this can help.

So how do you use a candle snuffer? They work best when placed atop candlesticks, but they can also make it simple to reach into large jars and hurricanes. People like to place it next to their candles since it is a classy piece of décor.

These days, candle snuffers can be just as important to the decor of your home as the candle itself because there are so many unique and attractive options available.

With two flat blades with blunt ends and a small basin or box to catch the flame and the used wick, which is also composed of the same varied metals, certain candle snuffers can also function as candle wick trimmers.

 Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Not Blow Out Your Dusk Candle:

  1. Before a candle is completely out, blowing it out produces a lot of dark smoke. Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, indeed! But blowing out your gorgeous pillar candles or scented candles leaves a strong smoky smell, which, if we’re being honest, kind of defeats the point of purchasing a scented candle in the first place.
  2. Blowing out candles can also cause the candle wax to spill out of the jar or, worse, to land on your countertop.
  3. In addition to the obvious risk of burns, licking your fingers and extinguishing them might harm the wick, increasing the likelihood of a subsequent burn.

We’ll just get right to showing you how to utilize one of these ideal candle care accessories, since we gave you all these persuasive reasons on why you should quit blowing out your candles by hand.

The candle snuffer is one of the best candle extinguishers. After allowing the dusk candle snuffer to make contact with the wax and come into contact with the flame or wick, hold the snuffer in place for 10 seconds before lifting. A lack of oxygen will cause the flame to go out. Don’t forget to clean the snuffer’s wax before using it again.

We can’t help but agree that candle snuffers exude an air of nostalgia. They come in particularly handy for putting out a candle jar and other difficult-to-reach areas. A delicate snuffer can be the perfect addition to your altar equipment if you perform a lot of candle magic.

Should I Buy a Cheap or Expensive Candle Snuffer?

brass candle snuffer

Candle snuffers can cost anywhere from $4 to hundreds of dollars, and ultimately, it all boils down to personal preference.

Even if they appear nice, the more expensive ones typically serve more of a decorative purpose and won’t be any more useful than a less expensive one. You can get inexpensive candle snuffers that work just fine; just make sure to check reviews from other customers before buying since some are shoddily manufactured and are prone to breaking.


Many people wonder how exactly to use a candle snuffer, and I hope I’ve answered any questions you’ve had on the topic today! A candle snuffer is a great little tool that helps you get the whole experience of the old era and putting out candles. This is an accessory everyone needs in their home because it is a stunning piece of decor as well. Using the candle snuffer allows you to put out the candle in style!

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